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The Eggman Gallery Radio Hour w/ Eclectic Taste of Bot

22 March 2024
  • Ambient
  • Atmospheric
  • Druggy
  • Ethereal

Performance at C U AT SADKA is an audio-visual exploration of behind the scenes of technological innovation, tracing its geographies, interconnectedness, and planetary-scale operations. Automation and AI advocates promise yet another comfortable future without work and difficulties. Like magic, the new good world unfolds with a whisper or a gesture. A perfect apple in a grocery store, hit song, bestseller book, or image materializes through the same infrastructure and networks. As with any future project, there is an undefined gap, a crater between promises and now, where our struggles, work, and efforts are intertwined with platforms and algorithmic extractivism.

Eclectic Taste Of Bot introduces those contemporary trans-localities as a drone soundscape. The selection of tracks, loops, repetitive patterns, and field recordings examines sound investigations of internet infrastructures at the seabed of the North Sea, walks at industrial farmlands, deep sea oil mining structures, smart homes, and audio-geographical imaginaries. History likes to repeat itself, and looking back at the Mechanical Turk and 18th-century automaton case that also became a name for Amazon AWS outsourcing program – we all might be already sitting inside the machine, performing mundane interfacial tasks and looking outside into each other's lives. Video installation explores thresholds of comfort in connected personal worlds. AI-generated peeks stylized as vertical postcards from security footage or hacked camera streams from hotel rooms, bathrooms, or our personal devices capture those complex networked proximities and relationships.