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The Rest Is Music # 15 Clarinet and Electronics w/Nico Daleman ft. Madison Greenstone

19 April 2021

Back to the basics, duo music for clarinet and electronics, but also flutes and reeds and stuff. A lot of baß indeed. Featuring a very special guest.

contrabass clarinet performance, electronics design, and composition by Madison Greenstone

live performance recorded by Bob Bellerue on December 1, 2018 at ISSUE Project Room

mixed by Nick Scavo

electronics sample recorded by Andrès Gutierrez-Martinez, mixed and mastered by Al Jones

special thanks to Anthony Burr


Steve Reich – New York Counterpoint (1985)
Luigi Nono – A Pierre. Dell'azzurro Silenzio, Inquietum. (1985)
Madison Greenstone – Live at ISSUE project Room (2018)
Georg Hajdu – Beyond the Horizon (2008)
Éliane Radigue – Occam III (2012)
Palov & Mishkin – Et de Clarinet (2009)

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