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The Rest is Music #2: Flute and Electronics w/ Nico Daleman

27 January 2020
  • Classical
  • Electronic
  • Experimental
  • Modern Classical
  • Noise
  • Atmospheric
  • Ethereal
  • Strange

Trying to teach Siri how to Whistle. The second iteration of The rest is Music with Nico Daleman. Today a lot of flutie flutes and electronic squiggles, wooshes and plonks

The rest is music Flute


Anne La Berge – Revamper for solo flute (1992)
Jacob Ter Veldhuis (JacobTV) – Lipstick for flute, alto flute and pre-recorded track (1998)
Brian Ferneyhough – Mnemosyne for bass flute and pre-recorded track (1986)
Bruno Maderna – Musica su due dimensione for flute and tape (1958)
Phillipe Manoury – Jupiter for flute and live electronics (1987)
Kaija Saariaho – Noa Noa for flute and electronics (1992)
Sarah Nemtsov - Amplified Imagination for flute, headphones, electribe sx, tape, live video ad lib. (2014)