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The Rest is Music #4: Harp and Electronics w/ Nico Daleman

23 March 2020

We move from the Dionysian territories to more Apollonian ones in this episode. Enjoy the delights of harp music with electronics


Kaija Saariaho – Maa (Ballet Music): IV. Fall (1992) for amplified harp
Georgia Spiropoulos – Roll...n'Roll...n'Roll (2015) for harp and live electronics
Javier Álvarez - Acuerdos por Diferencia (1989) for harp and pre-recorded track
Malika Kishino – Qualia (2009) for Bass-Koto and 10 channels-Live-Electronic
Sarah Nemtsov – Zimmer I-III (2013) for Harp, KaossPad, Bass Flute, Bass Clarinet and String Quartet
Zeena Parkins – Captiva II. Electric (2018) for Harp, Objects and Live electronics

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