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The Rest Is Music #6: Harpsichord and Electronics w/ Nico Daleman

18 May 2020

Pluck pluck plucky pluckie! The old and the new, the tradition and the avantgarde, microsound and drones, black and white, dry and wet… all cosmos collude in these sublime examples of harpsichord music and electronic sounds!


György Ligeti – Continuum for solo Harpsicord (1968)
Luc Ferrari – Programe commune for Harpsichord and Tape (1972)
François-Bernard Mâche – Korwar for Harpsicord and Tape (1972)
John Cage and Lejaren Hiller – HPSCHD for Harpsichord and Computer Generated Sounds (1967-1969)
Kaija Saariaho – Jardin Secret II for Harpsichord and Live Electronicis(1986)
Elzbieta Sikora – Suite for Harpsichord and Tape: IV FIinale (1990)
Hugo Morales Murguía – Plektron for Harpsichord and electronics devices (2011)

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