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The Rest Is Music #9 Algorithmic Music w/ Nico Daleman

5 October 2020

The second instance of the 1 and 0’s trifecta. All computers are algorithmic, but not algorithms are computeristic. How is that possible??? Let’s hear some good examples.


John Cage – Music of Changes (1951)
Brian Eno – Music for Airports (1978)
Carla Scaletti – SunSurgeAutomata (1989)
Alberto Posadas – Liturgia Fractal (2003-2008) – III. Orbitas, IV. Arborecencias
David Cope – Horizons (1995)
Agostino Di Scipio – Due di uno (2002-2003)
Joseph Nechvatal - Viral SymphOny (2006-2008) (exceprt)

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