Weekly Schedule (CET)

The Weirding Module – Residues w/Jazmina Figueroa

20 April 2024
  • Spoken Word
  • Reading
  • Experimental
  • Atmospheric

The central premise of J.G. Ballard's short story "The Sound Sweep" resonates in the collective imagination of those who have read it. It proposes that sound leaves an inaudible, yet psychologically impactful residue in the spaces and objects it comes into contact with. This edition of WM presents a collection of vocal residues from a bunch of recent releases that whisper to the psyche from just out of earshot.

I am joined in the studio by artist and writer Jazmina Figueroa reading from two works forthcoming in Solitude Journal.

As always The Weirding Module listens in to spoken word and the voice in contemporary art and experimental music.



John Cage - Excerpt From Voiceless Essay – Ghosts and Monsters
Oval - As I do – Ovidono
Tujiko Noriko – Fossil Words – Crépuscule I and II
Jacqueline Humbert – Mosquito Love / Sam Ashley – Chanteuse
Katalin Ladik – Water Angels – Water Angels
Anne Gillis – Aha 3 – Aha
Pamela Z - Timepiece Triptych: Declaratives in the First Person - A Secret Code
Klein - DJ Drop – touched by an angel
Klein – For What Worth (feat. Matana Roberts) – Lifetime
Samurai Celestial – Angel Speech – Cosmic Gold Millennium
Pasquale Minieri, Giorgio Vivaldi (w/Demetrio Stratos) – Cruziero do Sol – Carnascalia
Uri Katzenstein – In Our Culture (Yom Gagatzi) – Audio Works
Eye Measure – Why do People Vomit (Rean Treanor remix)
Jack Callahan, Jeff Witscher – [graph emoji] – Stockhausen Syndrome
Robert Ashley - West (Atlantis) - Improvement (Don Leaves Linda)
Ellen Zweig – Network of Letters - Fiction of the Physical
Sub Verse – Chance Romance – Scaling Triangles
Cheri Night – Prime Numbers – American Rituals
Pamela Z – Unknown Person (From Baggage Allowance) – A Secret Code