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Totale Musik #02 “Beat Me Up With Your Belt Buckles” w/ Dan Laig

21 August 2017

With quite a meta-musicological cold open we hit it off this time, followed by a lead into severe Opiate-curious Satanist-not-Satanist confusion. Blame it on this summer’s not-heat! Good xian pops demands to be praised by way of Indian food and our episode’s special on Prog Francaise comes with a fresh new entry in our “Rave Dreams” segment. Dig. If you don’t have a background, good for you.


Adorno & Karlheinz Stockhausen – Gespräch über neue Musik
Minnie Riperton – Reasons (Live)
Steely Dan – Haitian Divorce (Version)
Chipmunks On 16 Speed – Call Me
Tractor – All Ends Up
Ildjarn – Nocturnal Gathering
Jody Stecher; Krishna Batt – Jelebi Song
Reverend R.L. Hubbard – Child Of The King

Weidorje – Vilna
Plat Du Jour – Zilbra
Hellebore – Introduction Végétarienne
Archaïa – Le Festin De Lion Vert
Shub-Niggurath – J'ai vu naguère en peinture les Harpies ravissant le repas de Phynée
Univers Zero – Chinavox
Contraction – Claire Fontaine

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