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Totale Musik #03 “Heartless Bastards” w/ Galas & Dan Laig

18 September 2017

Totale Musik proudly presents our first guest to the show: Galas. The Polish-Berlin DJ will introduce us to cuts from his shelf which exclusively revolve around human emotions. Preparations are handled by Dan by getting everyone b.a.s.e.d. via some proto-Gas to D&D Ersatz-chamber New Age, a rectification of HipHop’s previous absence from Totale Musik as well as two unique proponents of Italian weirdness we are definitely going to hear more of in the future; all of this topped with a cherry that is AOR Düül.


New Age – Shiva's Dance
Peaceful Solutions – Merlin's Suite
Street Military – Shit Get Wild In the City
Kilo Ali – Baby, Baby
Paul Chain Violet Theatre – War
Egisto Macchi – Phonèmes
Amon Düül – Kirk Morgan

Ihor Tsymbrovsky ‎– Come, Angel
Portion Control – Raise The Pulse
Absolute Body Control – 5 Minutes
Frank Duval – If I Could Fly Away
Franco Battiato – Voglio Vederti Danzare

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