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Totale Musik #06 “Praise the Goat” w/ Dan Laig

12 December 2017

We celebrate Dominanzkultur’s preferred holiday with a spot on some outer Gospel. Though, not before we collectively defiled=cleansed ourselves with a freeform take on musical Antichrists – hard mode: no black metal!


Zior – Entrance of the Devil
Spike in Vain – God on Drugs
Moolah – Crystal Waters
Icecross – Jesus Freaks
Alexander Scriabin – Piano Sonata No.9
György Ligeti – Etude pour piano XIII, l'escalier du diable
Ruth White – The Litanies of Satan
Intersystems – Carelessly Draped In Black
Asha Puthli – The Devil Is Loose
Nicodemus & Matchez – The Devil Lives In My Nose

Pastor T.L. Barrett and The Youth For Christ Choir – Like A Ship
Pastor T.L. Barrett – Father I Stretch My Hands
Alice Coltrane – Om Rama
D.J. Rogers – Jesus Chant
Sharay Reed – Joy Of The World
San Quentin Mass Choir - He's All I Need
Barry McGuire – Cosmic Cowboy
2nd Chapter Of Acts – The Devil's Lost Again
Luther Magby – Blessed Are the Poor

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