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TRANSIENCE #18 with Lou Drago and Martinou

08 July 2019
  • Ambient
  • Downtempo
  • Electronic
  • Experimental
  • Drone
  • Atmospheric
  • Delicate
  • Dreamy
  • Laid-Back
  • Meditative

It is undeniable that we are living in uncertain times. For those of us failing to fit the patriarchal neoliberalist mould, we have lost hope in the future. We can see capitalism is not working but we cannot yet envisage an alternative. In a world where security is no longer feasible, the only constant we can rely on is change. Regardless of one’s point of reference, we can understand that every aspect of life, physical and mental is in flux and perhaps this transience is the only thing we can depend on.

This month we have invited Martinou to ruminate on these ideas and create an hour of relief from these anxieties. A temporary suspension of reality, where the listener can speculate on alternate modes of existence that reject hetero-patriarchal systems of oppression.

Photography courtesy Ángela de la Serna



Lou Drago Host Mix

Daniel Lauter - Minitation VII
Caterina Barbieri - Rendering Intuitions
Markus Guentner - Saint with voice over from Shon Faye on Pinkwashing. For original video see: youtube.com/watch?v=J4LP0z493oY
Ligovskoi - Bjanka
Daniel Lauter - Past
exael - Bergamont
Vand - Kaneda
Robert Henke - First Contact
Forest Drive West - Phosphenes

Martinou Guest Mix

PJS - Meteor Shower
MATStudio - The Perishable Imagination
Cosmin TRG - Paradigm Shift ASAP
Jack Jutson - Mother Official
Pavel Milyakov - Mondpfad
Leif - Yarrow
BLNDR - Fading Smiles (Bambounou remix)
Money Morning - Therah
Hexagon - Illuminated Atoms
Forest Drive West - Particles in Motion
Toki Fuko - Spring Ray (Reshape)
Aos - Graften
Roll the Dice - Way Out