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TRANSIENCE #42 with Fa’ Pawaka, Olle Holmberg + Elisa Lindenberg

20 March 2022
  • Ambient
  • Experimental
  • Folk
  • New Age
  • Soundscape
  • Atmospheric
  • Celebratory
  • Delicate
  • Ethereal
  • Euphoric

It is undeniable that we are living in uncertain times. For those of us failing to fit the patriarchal neoliberalist mould, we have lost hope in the future. We can see capitalism is not working but we cannot yet envisage an alternative. In a world where security is no longer feasible, the only constant we can rely on is change. Regardless of one’s point of reference, we can understand that every aspect of life, physical and mental is in flux and perhaps this transience is the only thing we can depend on.

For this episode of Transience, we invited Fa’ Pawaka, Olle Holmberg and Elisa Lindenberg to host a very special Vernal Equinox ritual at Cashmere’s temporary headquarters in Wedding. Fa and Olle met during a film shooting, and a dear friend introduced Elisa, the three quickly bonded over their interest in the healing and transformative potentials of music and begin experimenting together. Fa’ belives that all humans are divine and that the ritual itself doesn’t come from any specific religious practices, it is something she channels intuitively. I was lucky to witness a Summer Solstice ritual by these three last year and was really moved by not only the gorgeous vibrations but also of the humbling and calming presence of these artists. They used a selection of crystal alchemy bowls, tuning forks, a gong, a monochord and chimes. I hope these vibrations similarly resonate with you and offer a moment of calm in these difficult times.

Photography generously offered by Micki Richter



While Elisa is speaking at the beginning Akasha Project - PAIN RELIEVE 432 Hz HEMI SYNC 4 Hz
then live by the guests