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Troptopia #16 with Radio Hobo

02 March 2018
  • Latin
  • Exotic
  • Soulful
  • Atmospheric
  • Laid-Back
  • Sensual

Spring is here beautiful people! 

What more do you need for celebrating the end of winter other than 

the latest episode of Troptopia?

A new mix of finds from Radio Hobo’s Visit to Paris like 

the pain- but yet beautiful “Lamento de un negro“ by Carmelo Gutierrez 

or some awesome semba from Chalo Correia’s new EP that got into Hobo’s sight,

when he met Chalo in the kitchen of good friends in Rotterdam last Summer.

This 1,5 hour also includes a deep Ibibio Tune by Cross River Nationale from Calabar State, Nigeria

plus some deep Highlife and it wouldn’t be a well balanced episode of Troptopia

without some brazilian gems like Jackson do Pandeiro’s “Capoeira mata um“

or a wicked afro-disco-classic like William Onyeabor’s “Good Name”.

So sit back, relax, open your windows and let the sun in.


Radio Hobo

photo by www.instagram.com/maxbrunnert Mali, Dec 2017