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Troptopia #37 Caribbean Acid w/ Anacaona

30 January 2020

The final episode of Troptopia gives you the ultimate (tropical) escapism:

Venezuela & Cuba’s Best – a mix like an acid trip.

“(…) groundbreaking experimental rock music made in Venezuela and created in the 1970s – during a time

when the country was both a modern cultural and economic powerhouse in Latin America on account of wealth from its vast oil supplies.

These Venezuelan artists looked to the future while exploring their country’s own musical heritage to create a new cultural identity.

A similar parallel can be made in Europe with the experimental German groups of the 1970s (Can, Amon Duul, Harmonia, Neu) who deconstructed and reconstructed the links between rock music and electronics to define a new German cultural identity.” – SOULJAZZ

A wide selection of rare afro-cuban Funk and psychedelic music taken out of Anacaona’s archive rounds it up.

Tracklist coming soon



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