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08 June 2020
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been struggling with how to best use my platforms and my privilege to push an anti racist agenda and show actions of allyship. i seen a lotta black squares but i will not choose to be silent. this post and this radio show is neither the beginning or end of my efforts, on and offline.

i encourage y’all to listen to this one. to the names of just a few black lives lost unjustly in the past few years. listen for tracks by phenomenal black artists, especially femme and LGBTQ+. listen for words by maya angelou, tupac, killer mike. for messages of revolution and inspiration.

for suggestions on ways I can use this show to uplift and amplify black and marginalized voices, please let me know, I am all ears.



Still I Rise - Maya Angelou (Poem)
Be More - Mighty Mark & TT The Artist
Ode to Black Trans Lives - 01 Scene 1 - TYGAPAW
Give Em What They Want - Mighty Mark & TT The Artist
Sin ft. Utah Jazz - DRS
Tupac Interview 1992
Beat the System - DJ Taye
NNO APOLOGY ft. Michael Millions - Suzi Analogue
Just Because it’s a funeral doesn’t mean we can’t rave - Crystallmess
BS6 - Hyroglifics & Sinistarr
Fuk The Police - 3 Steps Ahead
F Trump - Mighty Mark & TT The Artist
Killer Mike Speech at ATL Mayor Conference 2020
We Wear The Mask - Maya Angelou