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Varietà # 2 with Dave Weir and Donau

8 April 2017

A new episode of Varietà this time with the first live act outside of New Zealand for the man Dave Weir and a carefully curated Dj Set by Donau.


0.00-0.26:  DAVE WEIR LIVE

When we first heard the music of Dave Weir we were immediately reminded of Something Else By the Kinks. That of course, is a good thing because the 1967 album contains some of the best psychedelic pop Ray Davies ever wrote. Weir, who has done time in The Nightshades, New Gum Sarn and Te Huhu, brings a heavy does of late 60s pop to his debut EP Food for Thought, and though he is a fan of the Kinks, he tells us by email that it’s been a while since he’s listened to Ray and the fellas. “I haven’t listened to them in ages. I’ve been listening more to Dinosaur Jr. and Te Huhu and what ever we’re playing. My infatuation with the Kinks has long since worn off.” His songs are good and relaxed. He tells us that the recording process was real relaxed. “I wrote “She Of The Countryside” in bed, half asleep, then fell asleep, woke up and recorded it in the morning.” – Noisy

0.26-End:  In the key of RGB by Donau

Journeys through timbre by association. A mixed matter unbound by style.

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