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Wanderlust #24: Soft Light

10 December 2018

Soft Light by Orchid Domain

Orchid Domain (DK) is the non-binary, feminist solo project of singer Kristoffer Raasted, based in Copenhagen. 

The pop-music project is organised in the association for Danish Popular Authors, DPA. 

In recording situations, Kristoffer is mainly collaborating with Producer Simon Brink in Tonefald Studio on pop songs with english lyrics. 

As a lead singer, Kristoffers voice has been compared to artists such as Jack Johnson, Arthur Russel & Erlend Øye.

In this particular sound file / recording, entitled Soft Light, Simon has used the recorded pitch from Kristoffers voice to control software synthesizers. Following the improvised song in the recording situation, the production is a completely improvised collaboraion.

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