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Wanderlust #25: Iain Armstrong – Live at SOUNDkitchen – World Listening Day 2013

17 December 2018
  • Ambient
  • Collage
  • Field Recording
  • Experimental
  • Soundscape
  • Atmospheric
  • Meditative

Iain Armstrong – Live at SOUNDkitchen – World Listening Day 2013

A recording of a live laptop performance on World Listening Day 18.07.2013 at SOUNDkitchen, The Bull’s Head, Birmingham, UK. The set combines field recordings and live electronics and features the following recordings:

– St Salvator’s Church Bells: Casalbordino, Italy

– Coin Offerings at the Temple of the Reclining Buddha: Bangkok, Thailand

– Rain on Metal Staircase: Istanbul, Turkey

– Adhan (Call To Prayer): Istanbul, Turkey

– Khaen Player on Sampeng Lane: Bangkok Thailand

– Bangkok to Kanchanaburi Train: Thailand

– Musicians in Cuihu (Green Lake) Park: Kunming, China

– Buddhist Chanting at Wat Phai Ngoen: Bangkok, Thailand

– Birds at Kunming Market: Kunming, China

– Chao Phraya River Boat: Bangkok, Thailand

– Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church Bells: Berlin, Germany

Self-released August 18, 2013, Bandcamp.


This piece is licensed by PRS.

Iain Armstrong is a composer and sound designer based in Birmingham, UK. He is particularly interested in exploring the creative potential of recordings of the sound environment and encouraging people to engage in the act of listening. His work is presented internationally and spans, electronic music, sound design for theatre, dance and film, site-specific soundwalks, multi-channel sound installation, phonography and live performance. Iain is also a co-director of SOUNDkitchen, a Birmingham based collective founded in 2010 to support the presentation and creation of sound art and experimental electronic music. SOUNDkitchen curate live events, create sound installations, live performances and soundwalks on their SOUNDwalker app. Iain regularly performs with co-director Annie Mahtani creating live soundscape compositions incorporating field recordings and multichannel spatialisation. Iain’s phonography album ‘Sacred & Profane’ is available on Gruenrekorder and he has self-released recordings of live laptop performances on his Bandcamp page.



SOUNDkitchen is dedicated to the promotion of composers and artists working in the field of sound. At our core is a collective of composers with a background in electroacoustic and experimental music. From 2011-2015 SOUNDkitchen provided a regular platform for local artists to explore, experiment and present their work alongside that of international composers and sound artists. They offered a programme of exciting and eclectic new music that uses technology to form part of the aesthetic experience. SOUNDkitchen members examine different approaches to listening and performance, depending on venue and context. They have developed site-specific SOUNDwalks, sound installations and seek new approaches to live acousmatic music. In 2018 SOUNDkitchen launched their SOUNDwalker app which hosts their soundwalks. Based in Birmingham UK, their work has featured regularly in the city along with appearances nationally and internationally.

Co-directors: Annie Mahtani, Iain Armstrong, James Carpenter