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Wanderlust #37: Strandloper

6 May 2019

Strandloper by Oli Bailey

Strandloper is a solo release by Oli Bailey on the UK based Menk! Recordings label.

Oli Bailey is also a member of the live electronic noise trio Motherbox and a part-time collaborator with London’s ForkTail, the Folk Horror influenced project from comic artists Boo Cook and Simon Davis.

Strandloper was recorded over several early morning sessions in the Autumn of 2018. In Brighton, UK.

The tracks are underpinned by field recordings from remote locations in Iceland, Bavaria, Scotland, Canada and England. These are interpolated with samples from shamanic rituals obscure folk instruments, down-sampled, reduced and rendered into faded soundscapes.

The recordings were then overlaid with live takes using the Buchla Music Easel and Ciat-Lombarde Cocoquantus.

The album is available via digital download or as a limited-edition Compact Disc:


1. Eibsea
2. Flores
3. Whalefall
4. Deer Island
5. Luminescence
6. Sea Burial
7. The Shining Man

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