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Wanderlust #47: Avoidopen / carried away by the wind / if you can

7 October 2019

Avoidopen / carried away by the wind / if you can by Tomasz Pizio

On the 9th of March the Government Security Centre issued a warning about strong winds:

“Attention! Very strong wind tonight and evening. Avoid open spaces. Secure things that can be carried away by the wind. Stay home if you can.”

This could not stop me from going into Segiet nature reserve as I was already unpacking my gear just outside of the line of trees when I got the message. After all, I drove there after seeing the weather forecast to experience the strong winds amongst the mighty beech trees.

I went deep into the woods with my flashlight and recording gear and spent well over an hour there. I know this forest, I know those trees and paths. I’m a frequent visitor in this area. But it was all different during the night and even more so in such weather.

The recording is a single piece with no cuts and no post-processing. It has been trimmed in such a way that the 33 minute length is in 10:1 proportions of “before” and “after” the climax. The duration of the recording reflects the time it took for the wind to get to its peak. Shortly after that it calms down significantly. It leaves an impression that the whole violent weather was there just to cause the event heard at the center piece of the recording at 30:00 mark. As if there was just one goal for the whole wind blowing and whistling.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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