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Wanderlust #62: rECoNStrUcTIVe

14 September 2020

“rECoNStrUcTIVe” Radio Edition by Lupus

the noises of 9 to 5 life reverberating in the architecture of a corporate plaza in Paris,

the drones and infrasound of Shinkansen trains passing above you in Tokyo,

the beats and muffled rap penetrating through the chassis of an amg car passing by in Berlin,

the orchestra of construction workers executing economic growth in Mumbai,

the harmonics of urban culture echoing through the valleys of our mega cities.

“rECoNStrUcTIVe” is an ongoing experimental sound project exploring the interplay of natural sound landscapes and artificial intelligences.

the starting point for the project’s compositions were spatial audio recordings of urban space and life taken internationally between 2017-2020.

the original recordings were reinterpreted, manipulated and augmented in collaboration with two artificial intelligences; Amber and Teal.

this created ambient compositions akin to holograms of acoustic and harmonic situations in urban culture,

playing with psychoacoustic perception and moving freely between the natural and artificial qualities of sound.

the project also tries to offer new and different pluralist connections between the otherwise separated cultures of global urban life.

“rECoNStrUcTIVe” was originally set to premiere at Gropius Bau’s “We’ll be making lots of noise” as a multi channel all day performance and sound environment.

cancelled due to Covid-19 the project was taken into the virtual realm alongside custom visuals created using 3d models of the spaces where the field recordings were originally taken.

city blocks of Tunis, Tokyo, Berlin, New York, Hong Kong and Paris were transformed to recreate the spatial concepts originally meant to be experienced through the multichannel character of the performance.

You can experience these virtual spaces live on Goatcast soon!

Instagram: @Lupus.2000

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