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Wanderlust #69: O

11 January 2021

O by Onirologia

Originally released in 2017, this piece was made initially with pre-existing materials that pertain to my personal and cultural lineage (relatives’ voices, old VHS tapes, an EEG of me while I sleep, etc) in order to convey the strange, divisive experience of being a 1st-generation, Italian immigrant. 

“O” has now become a continued exploration in sonic sedimentation and homemaking. Each year I come back to the master track, add overdubs, put out the new master on its ‘birthday’ (September 8th), and repeat. This linked WAV file contains the 3rd reiteration resulting from this process.In time, I am interested to see which parts of the “original topography” become completely submerged, which parts whisper, and which parts stay.

The audio in our archive is just a teaser, you can find the whole track here

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