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Wanderlust #76: Kōgen

26 July 2021

This is a teaser. For the whole album, head over to Bandcamp

Following his contributions to some of our very first releases, O-Ma returns on Ōtium and joins forces with Pierre Montagnon for Kōgen, a tape & digital duo album.

Recorded in Tokyo during 2020 lockdown, Kōgen embraces current post-apocalyptic world-setting. Across the 8 tracks and an additional 20 mn live recording, the few broken club influences and hopeful ethereal pads get occluded by industrial field-recordings elements, eerie drones and noise textures.

Slowly crafted in an analog & modular synthesis environment, the album tracks all comes from re-arranged improvised live session. The 20mn recording that ends the release (Bandcamp digital bonus only) gives the opportunity to dive in the original composition setting of the album.


1. Sakura Saturation
2. Été 4010
3. Mt Komitake
4. Phare

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