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Wanderlust #88: dusk — dawn

09 May 2022
  • Ambient
  • Field Recording
  • Experimental
  • Soundscape
  • Atmospheric
  • Dark
  • Delicate
  • Hypnotic
  • Meditative

dusk –––––– dawn

by Pablo Diserens

A ready-made composition of moonlight in the company of objects found in the mind’s eye. Detached figures of significant contrast merge with hyperbolic waves of white furrows.

The accidental evocations of the undercurrent as silent evidence, convincing illusions of our interior and their exterior. An apparent shift in the position of stationary instrumentation occurs as semblances of life blare awake.

We walk along the rotation of the world, reality is only momentary.

Originally conceived and shown as an acousmatic sound installation, dusk –––––––––– dawn invites the audience to listen to a city from dusk to dawn by embodying a figure who wanders from one acoustic encounter to another. What happens to the urban soundscape once its human population is asleep? Putting the emphasis on the little heard sounds of a city, this field recording composition allows listeners to dive in buildings’ drafts, bats’ calls, empty train stations’ ultrasounds, singing escalators, talking swans, humming electrical junction boxes, and birds’ dawn choruses. Documentary at times, surreal at others, the piece proposes an electroacoustic excursion by mixing and processing a set of sounds recorded at night in the city of Berlin during the lockdown and curfew period of spring 2021.

Recorded and composed by Pablo Diserens

in Berlin, Germany — June 2021

Recorded with Sound Devices MixPre-6 II,

Sony PCM-D100, LOM’s Usi Pro, and LOM’s Geofón

Mastered by Adam Badí Donoval

Nocturnal listening on headphones or conventional speakers recommended. 

Released on Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere. and available on Bandcamp