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Touch #1: Camille Maria

19 November 2021

Stand up and move Dj-set from the Cashmere HQ in Wedding.


Harmonia - Sehr Kosmisch
Pole - Fliegen
Sub Dub - Sub Tools 1
Andy Mac - Tawny Grammar
Amployee - Time And Bass
DJ Sotofett - Dubaton
Andy Mac - Dawner
Dj 2beers - So Low it Hurts
Nicolini - Intro + Life Shana
King Tubby - Rockers Style Dubplate
Hah Wobble - Mountain View Breakdown
DJ Sotofett Feat. Haugen Inna Di Bu - Dub On Dub
Dubadelic - Reignited
Nicolini - Woospang Man
2000 And One - Sunk Eyes
9 Lazy 9 - Bad Boy
Vincenzo - Love Me Jungle
Tru West - DJ Sotofett's Dype Skoger Mix Part 1 & 2
Barrabas - Chicco
Material - Reduction
Orfeo - Miles Away (Fix Mix)
Paul Flynn - Motormouth (2)
Madteo feat. Sensational - Bangin On The Ceiling (Shake's Run)
Palm Skin Productions - Künstruk
Dj Spike - Designer Drugs
The League Unlimited Orchestra - Things That Dreams Are Made Of
The Parallax Corporation - Crocodiles In The Sky
Nasty Thoughts – Acid Sex (Acid Version)
Amnesia - They Lost Control (Transmission Mix)
Mutant Beat Dance - PolyfonikDizko
Fingers - A Path (Unreleased Virgo Tracks Version)
Recloose - MYM230(R.I.P.)
KMFH - Flemmenup 2k13 mix
George Kranz - Din Daa Daa (Trommeltanz)
Pete Shelley - Many a Time
Toshinori Kondo & IMA - Night Drive
Madteo - Very Sweaty Palms (Kassem Mosse Remix)
Steve Summers - After Hours
Jan Akkerman & Kaz Lux - Can't Fake A Good Time
Goblin - Death Dies
Liquid Liquid - Push
Felix - You Can't Hold Me Down (Extended Mix)
Thomas Leer - Mr Nobody

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