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Zafraan Caravan #4: Radio Diaries from Southeast Morocco

17 June 2018

This episode of Zafraan Caravan is focused on the desertic region south east of Morocco. After Marrakech, Ouerzazade and Zagora, up until the end of the road to the desert outpost and once a florid oasis, M’hamid. Here Taragalte Festival takes place once a year in November as a meeting point for musical and cultural scenes from the desert. We have attended the festival, spoken to people we encountered on our way, listened to their stories, listened to some of the sounds this landscape has to offer and listened to the music. Here’s a window into that journey.

More infos about Taragalte Festival:

Produced by : Aladin Ilou & Matteo Spanò

Edited by: Aladin Ilou

Music by: Said Benmsafer & Sergio Schifano (duo) and Aladin Ilou

Words: Matteo Spanò

Voice: Virginia Pietromarchi

Recordings: Matteo Spanò, Giacomo Gianetta, Aladin Ilou and Ross Alexander (dream team)

Artwork: Oli Bonzanigo

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