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Ziese #25 w/ Nils & Junis

1 February 2020

1) Terms and concepts serve as leading forces, they generate guidelines for exploring. However, they are inherently restrictive.

Through combination, these limiting qualities can be dissolved.

2) Contrasts enable new contexts to unfold, thus resulting in the inverted truth of the synthesis A+B.

3) The conception of a context is the sheer empirical nexus of divergent tiers.

4) The basic condition of impact is friction.

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soft tissue - gesine 2

city - iii

Alvin Curran - crystal aires

Theresa winter - Anatomie De L'enfer

i.o. - searing fortitude

sylvain chauve au - murmure

rian treanor - uoi 10-120

Michael rannte - lamento

echium - looum

morton feldman - nature piece iv

Schulverweis - soft song

Felicia a - adaption assez facile

muslimgauze - sapere Aude

Charlemagne palestine - beauty chord + voice

tomasz krakowiak - monterrey

Philippe Milon - l'image econduite

Hildegard von bingen - o vis aeternitatis

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