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    Datscha Radio – Nachtgartenkosmos

    October 27, 2020

    Datscha Radio: Nachtgartenkosmos

    A new radio(art) collage by Gabi Schaffner premieres this Friday at 18:00 as part of our Passage “Radio Garden” program, funded by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe, Culture Department.

    It is unusual enough to broadcast from a garden, creating a studio situation exposed to the immediate surroundings like weather, temperatures and background sounds. With “Nightgardening” In 2019, Datscha Radio took its experimental approach to the garden as a matrix for self-organization, autopoiesis and ecological radio art, even one step further. How can we approach the audible ecospheres of the night, what stories can be told, what fragrances turned into frequencies?

    The compilation presents a mix of excerpts taken from “Plots & Prophecies” (2017) and “Nightgardening” (2019), followed by palimpsests and passages from Datscha Radio’s 2020 iteration “Listening to the Universe”. This latter event, happening from the 11thto the 13thof August, was dedicated to the Perseides’ meteor showers. Talks and readings, concerts and performances revolved around themes like sonification, storytelling, and cosmic relations in the so-called Anthropocene.