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Radio Partners

Cashmere Radio is proud to partner with a vibrant network of independent radio stations and radio makers around the world.

Studio P4, Berlin, Germany

It is not an understatement to say that Cashmere could not be what it is without the unbounded generosity and support from Studio P4. In terms of technical assistance and support, and as a constant source of inspiration for new directions for the radio, Studio P4 stands at the heart of Cashmere Radio’s activities and aspirations. Thank you Jean and Christian!

Radio Netzwerk Berlin

A collaboration between six of Berlin’s independent radio stations — Reboot.FM, BLN.FM, WEAREBORNFREE! EMPOWERMENT RADIO, Savvy Funk, THF Radio, Radiomobil and Cashmere — running on the shared Berlin-Brandenburg non-commercial frequencies, 88.4 in Berlin and 90.7 in Potsdam, between Friday and Sunday every week.




Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa

MABB – Medienanstalt Berlin Brandenburg

Goethe Institut

Institut Neue Musik