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Radio Partners

Cashmere Radio is proud to partner with a vibrant network of independent radio stations and radio makers around the world.

Studio P4, Berlin, Germany

It is no understatement to say that Cashmere could not strive to be what it is without the unbounded generosity and support from Studio P4. Both in terms of technical assistance and support, and as a constant source of inspiration for new directions for the radio, Studio P4 stands at the heart of Cashmere Radio’s activities and aspirations. Thank you Jean and Christian!, Berlin, Germany

One of Berlin’s great radio institutions from the mind of one of Berlin’s great radio personalities, reboot’s passion and belief in radio should be industry standard. Cashmere partners with twice a month, once on Saturday at midnight and once more at 17:00 on Sunday afternoons to present you two very different programs aired on 88.4fm in Berlin and 90.7fm in Potsdam. Saturdays are filled with a rotating cast of speciality music programs, while Sundays feature radio experiments, radio plays and talk shows that play with the plasticity of the radio medium. We also are proud to join for various one-off events, radio specials and throughout the year as part of our ASN initiative:

Auditive Social Network (ASN), Berlin, Germany

Auditive Social Network is a collaboration between Cashmere Radio and to build an actual meshwork of studios that use the Berlin airwaves as a participatory space for experimental and artistic broadcasts. This is based on 14 years of making radio, three years of cooperations and plans for the future with workshops, residencies, events, streaming and broadcasts that resonate across Berlin and the world.

95 bFM, Auckland, New Zealand

The Originator, 95bFM is the leading voice of alternative music in New Zealand. Every Saturday we broadcast our live shows from Lichtenberg on the station, presenting listeners with a broad spectrum of music from our regular shows. A must-listen-to station for some of the best music on radio.

The Bridge Radio, Copenhagen, Denmark

We are incredibly proud to present the fearless, border-shattering radio reportage of Denmark’s The Bridge Radio. A radio platform dedicated to presenting interviews, field reports, podcasts and other works from the front line of refugee and asylum seeker politics, The Bridge is some of the bravest and most impressive independent radio you are likely to hear. We broadcast new Bridge shows once a week on Mondays, with repeats played throughout the week.

Funding Partners

Cashmere’s ongoing radio work is made possible in part through the vital and kind financial support of the following partners.

Musicboard Berlin

The Musicboard Berlin GmbH is the only institution of its kind nationwide with the aim to fund pop music in new and creative ways, and maintain a dynamic discourse on pop music in Berlin. The Musicboard provides a new and courageous form of pop music funding. Cashmere was awarded a €4000 grant to assist in the production of the Cashmere Radio Residency project, wherein musicians Caterina Barbieri and Catriona Shaw will both engage in two separate one-month long residencies at the radio. Both will produce works to be premiered live and broadcast on Cashmere Radio, engaging with the fringes of radio art and pop music forms.