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Image: .MENT Radio

.MENT Radio

with Sara Lehn

Unterhaltungen über Nachrichten, Lehren und Lernen, im Planetarium, in Pyramiden, in der Plattenpresse, aus einer Ausstellung oder Residency mit Anleitungen zum Seufzen oder Kochen über Weltschulden und den Berliner Mietmarkt.

Image: 12 Bar Ramblin’

12 Bar Ramblin’

with Stefan Matussek

Your monthly fix of the blues in all forms from near and far. Each show presents one flavour of the colourful palette that is the blues: a genre that has not only influenced most music heard today, but has itself evolved over the decades.

Image: Abendlandung


with Jean-Marie Dhur

Die Abendlandung ist eine Radioshow, die sich mit ruhigeren, unaufgeregten, wundersamen und imaginativen Klängen beschäftigt, offen für Musik aus allen Ecken der Erde und ohne Genrebegrenzungen, aber mit einem Augenmerk auf das eher Ungewöhnliche.

Image: Above The Clouds

Above The Clouds

with Katiusha

Music to watch clouds fly by. An exploration of cloudscapes, soundtrack-like odes to all aspects of the nebular, from their emotional register to their physical properties. Each month Katiusha ponders these mysterious combinations of water particles in their musical depth.

Image: Acid Shampoo

Acid Shampoo

with Vincent Manfuoco

Your monthly psychedelic fix; not in its generic sense but as an ethos. Like a car riding through pre-Apennine landscapes somewhere in Italy, with quality music playing and a good friend narrating stories of rural mankind, medieval tales and the magical alchemy of music.

Image: Afroelectronik


with Juba

From afrobeats to kuduro, baile carioca to UK funky and beyond, Afroelektronik delves into the different worlds of contemporary music and culture originating from, or with links to, the African continent, often accompanied by discussions and exploratory mixes from DJs from all over the world.

Image: Astral Traveling

Astral Traveling

with Maxime L.

Astral Traveling is your show for spiritual jazz and its affiliated free, modal and soulful expressions. It searches the roots and branches of jazz for the chaotic and the transcendental, the personal and the universal, sonic statements of resistance and hope.

Image: Attuned Refuge

Attuned Refuge

with Marylou Guerra

Traditional and religious music, improv and jazz, avant-garde, bass and noise, assembled as a creative and oneiric collage. Each month Marylou welcomes you into her nest of records, musical research and transversal cross-sections through sound.

Image: Biesentales


with (usually hosted by jayrope & lippstueck aka air cushion finish)

Stand-up compositions, unbedingte Musik, Spurrillen, Open-sky-music, Drachentasten, Gastversendung, talks, and backwards, akustische Haarspaltereien, unintended information, vorsätzliche Stille, insects, Ohrlaub, generative Musik, Leierschwänze, new tapes, Bücher ohne Punkt und Komma, old tapes, Lautmahnmalerei, multilinguale Radiospiele, Eiderdaus. Gemütsvertonung, now

Image: Breakfasts


with Kaitlyn Davies

An Ersatzverkehr breakfast broadcast with Kaitlyn, (most) weekday mornings during these strange times.

Image: Bush of Ghosts

Bush of Ghosts

with David Tinning

Bush of Ghosts gathers outer-national vibrations from across the globe. A collage of old and new sounds and styles, places and periods — scratchy 7s, skewed electronics, rhythmic explorations and afro-futurist transmissions.



with Viola Funk, Wenzel Dashington, Carlos Steurer

HipHop ist Kaviar und Knäckebrot, Champagner und cheap Chardonnay. Ob unaufgeräumtes Lo-Fi-Gerumpel oder hochglanzpolierter Hollywoodbombast: wir porträtieren das Spiel in all seinen Eigenarten. Rapperinnen, Rapper, Produzentinnen und Produzenten begleiten uns durch die wahnsinnige und wundervolle Rapwelt. Cheap thrill$ for expen$ive ear$.

Image: Cashmere Guest Mixes

Cashmere Guest Mixes

An ever-expanding archive of DJ mixes and mixtapes from musicians, producers and DJs who have dropped by the studio over the years. From outsider noise to dance floor heat, take a ride on one of these sonic satellites circling within the Cashmere cosmos.

Image: Cashmere Sessions

Cashmere Sessions

An archive of all the live sessions and performances direct from the Cashmere recording room to your receiver. Channeling the rich tradition of live-to-air radio performances and concerts, these recordings deliver the in-situ energy of the Cashmere studio to your door.

Image: Cashmere Specials

Cashmere Specials

Radio karaoke! Hörspiele! Readings! Recitals! Frequency jamming! Interventions in art world contexts! Songs about anger/love/desire/destruction/reconciliation! An archive of all the one-off, obscure or downright odd broadcasts hosted by Cashmere Radio over the years.

Image: Cashmere Talks

Cashmere Talks

From radio lectures to interviews, conversations and reportage, canvassing a range of topics from the comical to the political. Here you'll find an archive to all the shows working with text, voice and words, hosted by Cashmere Radio over the years.

Image: Cashmere Texture Mix

Cashmere Texture Mix

The station’s DJ mix series, showcasing underground selectors from Berlin and the wider international club circuit. Each month Elissa Suckdog invites a guest DJ to show their stuff, be it a local hero or a touring talent from abroad; expect everything from downtempo chill-out sets to peak-time slayers.

Image: Covertime


with Risto

Covertime bringt dir Hits in Versionen, die du vielleicht noch nicht kennst. Dazu werden kleine, feine Geschichten erzählt.

Image: Cryptomnesia


with Dayna Gross

Cryptomnesia is an experimental poetry show dedicated to all words absurd in order, with no order, to discover the self, beauty, the grotesque, and madness. Each show will feature ideas stolen from the mind and memory falsey made new.

Image: CSC


with Crush

Inspired by TLC's seminal record "CrazySexyCool" (1994), CSC pushes the boundaries of (future) R&B, Hip Hop, and other smooth grooves. All the shows are spiked with a healthy dose of erotic literature because intermediality “is the double truth, Ruth.” And if you don't know, now you know.

Image: D.I.Y. Church

D.I.Y. Church

with dj shluchT

A streaming sculpture taking over public spaces and private houses. A musician, performer, visual artist, collector, scientist, real men & no life... He/She/it presents his/her/its references and work in relation with a chosen theme.

Image: Deep Puddle

Deep Puddle

with with your wilted host, DJ Puddle

NDW, harsh noise, psychojazz, sound collage, mutti-disco. Proper footwear encouraged.

Display Resolution

with John Loveless.

A monthly trip through the charismatic, contemporary edges of offbeat house, psychedelic techno, heartfelt disco, outsider pop, transient ambience and quite simply, whatever else works.

Image: DreamTime


with Ed2000

"DreamTime", a nexus between the past, the present and the future. Ambient music spun differently.

Image: Duty Free

Duty Free

with Carl Luis

The echo-chambers awake voices from different times. The subsonic bass is loaded to blow you in to blankets. Duty Free — the echo chamber for dub, reggae, Jamaican roots and bass music on Cashmere Radio.

Image: Ears of a Composer

Ears of a Composer

with Nico Sauer

Dive into a 30-minute audio walk. Distant worlds become adventures for your entire brain listening. Trip without the risk of stumbling or being stung by a bee. A pair of fake ears you wear to go grocery shopping. Bring them on a subway ride and be transported to an imaginary music factory. They are ears that listen – your portal to another acoustic dimension.

Image: Eastern Daze

Eastern Daze

with Lucia Udvardyova

An audio collage, replete with interviews and sonic ephemera from Lucia's intrepid travels around central and eastern Europe. The project connects and uncovers projects/labels/musicians/initiatives emerging from the region, exploring their specific sociopolitical, economic and historical contexts.

Image: Elope


with Elena Poulou

Spoken word, readings and music often scraped together on the day of the show and songs that travel from the past I to the now. From hip hop to healing music, rembetika and bass sounds, unreleased and captured performances. Take your own hand and elope with me for 90 minutes.

Image: Embraceable Silence / Disappearing Mirror

Embraceable Silence / Disappearing Mirror

with Eric Maltz

Midnight music for the in-between hour

sound comes from and returns to silence.

tones can begin gently, a smooth fade upwards in the time it takes the sun to crest above the horizon, the earths shadow creeps across the moon - or sudden - the memory of a favorite shirt long lost, a stranger wearing a past lovers perfume, the distance between dreams.

Image: Enchanted Rhythms

Enchanted Rhythms

Enchanted Rhythms is a multifaceted project exploring dance music and beyond with a particular focus on the UK and rare, unknown and forgotten records.

Image: Estimuloshow


with Estimulo

Profound House, Soulful Techno and all that Electronic Jazz; lost compilation tracks and new discoveries; tunes that have the ability to inspire mind and body at the same intensity. Feel free to dream while you dance and dance in your dreams.

Experimental Radio Practice

This show presents works exploring sound through the medium of radio by students of UdK's Sound Studies and Sonic Arts.

Image: Fantasy Fiction

Fantasy Fiction

with Mitchell James & Cosmic Palms

A Berlin-based, New Zealand music collective focusing on the psychedelic, ambient and groovy. Music as mood enhancing technology. Sonic storytelling that creates future fictions that better serve our species. Keep it surreal.

Image: Fictions


with Gigsta

Expect breaky, subbassy, any-steppy kind of sounds from a true music fanatic working across many fields of musical performance and practice.

Image: Filmin Tadi

Filmin Tadi

with Kerem Soyyilmaz

When we take a look at the scenes where we have food or drinks, do they tell us about the food culture and the sociology of our culture?

Image: Fresh Fruit

Fresh Fruit

with The Frosch Prince

Your monthly dose of punk, hardcore, post punk, neo-folk and basically anything else with 6 strings and a mic.

Image: How To Tell A Sound

How To Tell A Sound

with Eve Essex

In this monthly series, Brooklyn-based musician Eve Essex hosts musicians and writers for conversations on experimental practices.

Image: Hypnotic Radio

Hypnotic Radio

with Nika Radić & Corin Arnold

Hypnotic Radio is a radio show about hypnosis that hypnotises you.

Image: Infinite Quest

Infinite Quest

with Auco and Neana

A HI-NRG B2B excursion for your Saturday Night at Cashmere Radio. UK DJs Neana and AUCO trek through an arousing soundscape of luscious vocals, breaks, basslines, wining riddims and timeless anthems- chopped and blended to satisfy your club cravings.

Image: INFO Unltd

INFO Unltd

with Reece Cox

In this monthly series Reece Cox invites artists, curators, writers, (and sometimes musicians) working with sound to share their work and discuss their practice in an ongoing attempt to understand and familiarize ourselves with what it is, and what it can do within the field of contemporary art.

Image: Klon Dump

Klon Dump

with Mark

Continuing the storied island-of-shame lineage of What Is An Outline (think nerd axis of concrète, early electronics, kraut but with less whimsy) and Pink Liver (100% German language '78-'82 electronic post-punk ft. lyrics like "it's all bullshit" [trans.]) but with shallower knowledge of "songs" and more empty, long tunes. Might work up steam to jungle, electro, breaks, grime etc

Image: Krachwald


with Paul Paulun

Exploring the grounds of entertaining experiments since the Futurists. Applied sonic archeology uncovering works from artists thinking outside the box: music made from other music, ideas inspired by Fluxus, synthesizers, or church organs, cut-ups, field-recordings.

Image: La Casa del Obrero Mundial

La Casa del Obrero Mundial

with Muk

La Casa del Obrero Mundial is your monthly dosis of Mukmex-ico City surrealism: collages of sounds from one of the world’s biggest and crowdiest cities (which sometimes seems like a sound art piece itself), interviews, field recordings and musical gems from Muk’s gem-box.

Image: La Reglafónica

La Reglafónica

with DJ Bongo & El Vago

La Reglafónica es humor, buena energía y otra forma de acercarse a nuestras raíces.

Image: Landscaping


with Jessy Layne Tuddenham

Each episode of Landscaping opens with a guided meditation. The listener is nudged toward a state of relaxed awareness via a series of easy-to-follow verbal cues before listening to a text from Jessy's own collection in progress — it could be a story, a parable, a poem, or something in between.

Image: Latitude On Air

Latitude On Air

Latitude on Air was conceived in June 2020 as an accompanying radio programme for the online festival LATITUDE on the FM frequency and online channel of the Berlin radio station As a follow-up to this successful cooperation, the idea was born to develop a monthly radio programme together with the Goethe-Institut and the Radionetzwerk Berlin (along with, cashmere radio, SAVVYZAAR and WEAREBORNFREE! Empowerment Radio).

Image: Liquid Love

Liquid Love

with Gene Siewing

Laying down the musical gospel according to Uncle Gene, temperatures will rise as he brings only the hottest in funk, soul, disco and rock n’ roll – straight from the heart.

Image: Macy Conference

Macy Conference

with STRFLD Simulation

A consultation of ambient abstracts, drone textures, sequenced synthetics and Futurhythmmachines produced with two turntables and dub effects.

Image: Marginals Lead The Show

Marginals Lead The Show

with Merve & Ilgaz

Marginals Lead the Show highlights news with a special focus on queer, non-binary and trans communities from the Middle East and Europe.

Image: Memorias


with naga DJ

We perceive the world and especially music according to our expectations, which are shaped by memory: an organic data bank to which all our experiences are compared. In Memorias, naga DJ opens up the memory chest and shares his influences using his eclectic record bag. Ausländer soul, psych/prog rock, tropical rhythms, drone/ambient…”

Image: Montes Claros 34

Montes Claros 34

with Laura Gonzalez y Nestor Felipe

Montes Claros 34 es un programa radiofónico para toda la familia, tanto política como biológica.

Image: Moscow Club

Moscow Club

with Dj Doge & Dj Disagio

Just when you thought the post-truth internet of things hit rock bottom. Well, think again. Dj Doge & Dj Disagio present you the Beyond Rock Bottom.

Image: Mount Wobble Show

Mount Wobble Show

with jeandado und Risto Lenz

Die Mount Wobble Show macht das richtig, was sie falsch gemacht hat. Sie erfüllt mehr als 8 Kriterien, bringt mehreres auf den Punkt und ist absichtlich unterhaltsam. 12 Genres, 6 Rubriken, 5 Gäste - Zahlen die sich 2021 sehen lassen. Wer Mount sagt muss auch Wobble sagen.

Image: No Exit

No Exit

with Chloé Lula

No Exit is a monthly show that explores early post-punk, industrial, EBM, experimental and more.

Image: Nusasonic Radio

Nusasonic Radio

Nusasonic plunges into a broad spectrum of experimental sound and music cultures in Southeast Asia, enabling dialogue within the region and beyond.



with A. Susurration

OBSCURED dredges up the rarest cassette and vinyl-based dark music genres from the '70s, '80s and early '90s. From gothic post-punk and art-damaged psychedelia to anarcho and mutated spoken word

Image: Open Sources

Open Sources

with Jessica Ekomane

A journey through diverse scenes from around the world and their cultural actors, showcasing the convergence of local musics and contemporary experimental forms.


with Erkan Affan

ORIENTierungsplan is a series of discussions that decentre Euro-American productions of knowledge as the norm of focus, instead opting to spotlight voices from a region regularly finding itself at the periphery of conversation: West Asia and North Africa (or MENA). Curated and chaired by Erkan Affan, ORIENTierungsplan is a monthly discussion in which activists, artists and researchers living in Berlin will be invited to speak on a field in which they organize, create and work; subverting Western discursive supremacy and instead focusing on alternative productions, analyses and pedagogies of #KNOWLEDGE.

Image: Pass The Aux

Pass The Aux

with Kikelomo

London gyal Kikelomo spins some tracks to buss a 2 2 step, throw some gunfinger skanks, cop sweet slow whines or stankface to your hearts content.

Image: Past Forward

Past Forward

open-minded listening sessions with diverse collages of music, outsider vibes and grooves and, of course, lots of eclecticism

Image: Pattern Dissection

Pattern Dissection

with Christoph Berg & Stefan Lingg

Playing Jazz records and related sounds of improvised nature.

Image: Pattern Z

Pattern Z

with Ringo Libak

A quest for improvised, electronic & film music. A trip to the movies & back. A trinity of sounds, silence & words.

Image: Perlmutt  aka Pearlescent

Perlmutt aka Pearlescent

with SeaSlug + Zarrt

Every episode is a little casket full of pearls from diffrent genres and diamonds from all over the world.

Image: please mind the gap…

please mind the gap…

with Mari Moriko

between subjective and objective bodies, between the every-day and your desires, between dimensions, between now and a million years from now, between irl and imagined worlds, between your tweets and your diary entries, between your carefully packed boxes stowed away and gathering dust…

Image: PlusX


A show dedicated to the exchange of ephemeral artwork, each episode finds form through a unique, diverse group of artists presenting text, sound and/or performance-based work.

Image: Portals


with Sarah Johanna Theurer

Performative readings exploring art as narration, exploring the voice, sound and rhythm in contemporary arts.

Image: Prongof108


with The Prongof108 Crew

Expect extraterrestrial-retro-future-funkyness and Sci-Fi-music from the blue planet for your intergalactic expeditions.

Image: Property Damage

Property Damage

with Lingg Wray

Chaos, distortion and torn vocal cords: a soundtrack for tearing down walls.

Image: Rhythm Imprints

Rhythm Imprints

with Lila-Zoé Krauß

Rhythm Imprints features projects, publications, exhibitions and technological inventions that explore the realm of sound, thereby combining formats like talk show, live performance and radiophonic art.

Image: Secret Communications

Secret Communications

with Ilius

A monthly show brought to you by experimental music mixtape platform Secret Thirteen.

Image: Something Like

Something Like

with Bitsy Knox

A chimerical mid-week breakfast show in keys of new age, 4th world, minimal, and sound poetry

Image: Sound Portraits Radio

Sound Portraits Radio

with Doron Sadja

Sound Portraits Radio is an extension of the popular Berlin based lecture/listening series, curated by Doron Sadja, that focuses on the work of iconic composers who have paved the way for contemporary electronic music.

Image: Sound/Systems


with Elissa Stolman

Sound/Systems is a show about music and communism from around the world. Every episode, host Elissa Stolman researches the role a musician, band, piece, scene etc played in a pan-left movement in history, from antifascist punk in the USA and UK to historical compositions from former Soviet states and contemporary musicians from Communist countries.

Image: Spartito


with Community Show

A home for so-called "classical" music of all strains, styles and genealogies, hosted each month by a different Cashmere presenter.

Image: Stadtgeschehen


with Judith & Ute

Judith aus Paris und Ute, gebuertige Vorort-Berlinerin, lieben Berlin und seine Umgebung.

Image: Strange Tuesdays

Strange Tuesdays

with Elissa Suckdog

Strange Tuesdays is 1.5 hours of paranonsense from the fringe: YouTube detritus about 5G, UFOs, conspiracies, CIA operations and more. All things clandestine and covert converge with a bit of oddball music, old-school hardcore and groovy house.

Image: Tales From The Shelf

Tales From The Shelf

with Dynamo Dreesen

Musical narratives exploring the record collection of the force behind Acido Records.

Image: The Art Of Work

The Art Of Work

with Anna Kravets

Being prepared for Ukrainian public radio, the show reflects the changes in the status of work that may go unnoticed in the backdrop of our daily lives: questioning the habitual aspects of labor and leisure, interviewing people about their choices and habits.

Image: The Ear Has To Travel

The Ear Has To Travel

with Kit Kat

A show on songwriting, clever lyrics, and storytelling in music. Send your ears on a journey with KitKat every eight weeks on Monday nights.

Image: The Eggman Gallery Radio Hour

The Eggman Gallery Radio Hour

with Tristan Deschamps and Sebastian Fuller

Regardless of age or genre, The Eggman Gallery Radio Hour welcomes the weird and wonderful (and have a bit of fun whilst they're at it).

Image: The Gentle Good Night Show

The Gentle Good Night Show

with Mc Legion

'A manifesto is primarily a performance, which uses language to enact a will to realize a particular future. It aims to orientate the reader towards a particular future.'

Image: The Rest Is Music

The Rest Is Music

with Nico Daleman

“Classical” music from the 20th and 21st century. A fine dash of electronic sounds on top of your all-time favourite orchestrations.


with 53100 Festival

Unearthing the produce, the characters and the traditions of Siena, the Chianti area and Tuscany as a whole.

Image: UP+OUT


with Jamie Palta

UP+OUT invites artists from around the world to share uptempo mixes from outside genres and bridges sonic borders by uniting distant dance floors.

Image: uTropica


with Marco Shuttle

an eclectic musical journey through Utopian soundscapes of a parallel tropical universe

Image: Voices In My Head

Voices In My Head

with Dj Alex Voices

Voices in My Head is a missive of infectious dancefloor grooves steeped in the ethic of house and soundsystem culture. Except everything from Disco, Italo, New Wave music alongside new Deep House and melodic Techno and beyond ...

Image: Wanderlust


with Kit Kat

Wanderlust is your weekly fix of soundscapes, a ticket to a new orchestra. Each episode features a soundscape, a field recording or an experimental composition of at least 25 minutes that captures sonic environments in all their diversity, with contributions from across the world.

Image: your touch makes the waves

your touch makes the waves

Two months of special expanded programming including live performances, screenings, discussions, installations and artworks by long-time members, new neighbours and friends from our temporary home on Plantagenstraße.

Image: Ziese


with Nils and Junis

Minimalistic music in unseen contexts and alternative forms.

Image: Alborada


with Bernhard Dumoulin

Alborada ist eine monatliche Radiosendung, die sich in essayistischer Form mit den unerhörteren Ecken der Kunstmusik auseinandersetzt.

Image: Applied Arts Show

Applied Arts Show

with Vigera

Applied Arts draws from all corners of the musical world while keeping a spotlight on all deep and organic, music for and from the soul.

Image: Bread.6K


with Ross Alexander

Hour long headcleaner mixes of experimental future sonics and found sounds.

Image: Bread.Live!


with Ross Alexander

Bread.Live! Is a live and improvised collage of sounds and music.


with Ross Alexander+Guests

An Eclectic mix of live acts and guests invited by Ross Alexander

Image: Bureau


with Charley McDermott

serving as a bridge for music lovers curious about the world of animation and providing a gateway for animators and film buffs to discover new music.

Image: Common Narrative

Common Narrative

with Natureboy Gold

Common Narrative aims to embrace the people and sounds that connect. Ranging from leftfield dance, ambient, UK techno and house to new wave, electronic, electro and everything that works through the synergies of a scene.

Image: Consolacao


with Sasha Cachaça

Everything that has to do with Brazil, from Salsa to Baile Funk is here, sometimes, when you least expect it.

Image: Cranial Handles

Cranial Handles

with SPFDJ and sprintf

Cranial Handles is a show with a focus on techno hosted by SPFDJ and sprintf, featuring live guest mixes by both local and international artists.

Dj Patbingsu’s Aquired Artefacts

with Dj Patbingsu

Showcasing music from around the world in 30min format. Each show has a broad geographical theme with a focus on the featured artists and regions themselves

Image: Dub Disco

Dub Disco

with Aussteiger and Serj Nosé

Dub Disco is not fixed on one genre rather plays with different BPMs and styles. Their approach is more open minded but all under the radar of melodic tracks and warm sounds. Music that makes you feel good and spreads good vibes.

Image: Fulmen


with Carlo Maria & Caterina Barbieri

Fulmen is the sound that travels in time and space.

Image: Gardens


with Toyah Webb

A place to cultivate, a green space. A monthly enquiry into poetry and other forms of experimental literature.

Image: Hi Point Low Life

Hi Point Low Life

with Sonny Blount and A Friend Of A Friend

jazz, electronic expressions blended with soundscapes, afro beats, improvised music, repetitive grooves, field recordings and spoken word…anything goes.

Image: High Power FM

High Power FM

with Johanna Knutsson & Kate Miller

Johanna Knutsson and Kate Miller meet up each month to chat and play music together.

Image: I Dream of Piranhas

I Dream of Piranhas

with Coco Maria

Coco Maria is a colourful lady from the north of Mexico shaking down the Berlin scene with her classy and funky record collection mainly from Colombia, Brazil and Peru.

Image: Listen To The Whales

Listen To The Whales

with Matty Martinez

Your bi-monthly ambient music fix. Lit on the parfumed candles, take out the yoga cushion, space out and breathe.

Image: Low Power FM

Low Power FM

with Johanna Knutsson & Kate Miller

Johanna Knutsson and Kate Miller meet up each month to chat and play music together.

Image: Meatspin


with Alex Murray

Every month, Alex Murray from Gardland presents a topical discourse on dance music and it’s non-parallels. Join Alex and a diverse selection of guests as they use records to excavate plot holes and histories buried amongst the dominant surface structures of club music.

Image: Minnewunder


with Franzi, Jelena, Laura

Jelena und Laura sind ausgewandert... In die große Stadt! Zusammen mit Franzi stehen wir jetzt für Cashmere Radio vor dem Mikro.

Image: Navi A Palermo

Navi A Palermo

with Chameleons And The Mirror

Navi a Palermo is the both the starting and the arrival point of a musical journey that sees no boundaries in the vast sea of Old and New.

Image: ODL Rituals

ODL Rituals

with Ondula

Ondula hosts 6 hours of radio with interviews, live concerts and djs from the international and Berliner subcultural scene.

Image: Plastik Universe

Plastik Universe

with Kashual Plastik

In every show you can expect ambient flashes, Jungle Disko experience, kraut ‘n wave weirdness all telling you psychedelic stories about drone damaged boogie & juicy street breaks.

Image: Ranting and Raving

Ranting and Raving

with Elissa Suckdog & Sarah Connor

Each month, hosts Elissa Suckdog and Sarah Conner tell tales from the nightclub, dissect the latest news from the DJ-oriented underground and chit-chat with special guests including DJs, label owners and party animals.

Image: Superposition


with Marlene Stark

Superposition create a new perception of music as a immaterial form of art. Superpositon is a show curated by Marlene Stark. Marlene Stark works as a writer, soundartist, composer and DJ. She will talk and make music with different artist, musicians and djs and collaborate with her guests to create this space of diversitiy of sound, electronic music, happenings and art. The Music expands from electronic, cosmic, downtempo, techno, experimental, industrial, disco to krautrock, new wave, wave.



Each month Thalamus will select music, noise and conversation that explore their feelings towards socio-political subjects, investigating the obscured distinction between contemporary club culture and exhibition practices

Image: The Hidden Reverse

The Hidden Reverse

with Muk

Muk’s Hidden Reverse taks through slo-tek and hyper-ambient, pinches of acid, melodies new and old, but always silver and gold.

Image: The Stir

The Stir

with Matty Martinez

Talks & tunes, spirits & drinks, psych & folk. Come and have a sip.

Image: Totale Musik

Totale Musik

with Dan Laig

Cashmere's freeform radio program. There is only one music and it is for everyone.

Image: Troptopia


with Radio Hobo & Edna Martinez

Tropical utopia! Every month a new landscape of polyrhythms, flavour and beats

Image: Varietee


with Jacques Pervert

Jacques Pervert invites you to listen to some stories while cooking or having a nice aperitivo.

Image: What Is An Outline?

What Is An Outline?

with Hydro Majestic

What Is An Outline? is a monthly radio missive, tracing a psychedelic line where borders between musical styles glide and collide with one another: noise, ambient, experimental electronics, concrete, outsider manipulations. Follow an abstract line through musical folds.

Image: Zafraan Caravan

Zafraan Caravan

with Aladin Ilou, Matteo Spanò & Guests

A journey through Morocco's musical heritage