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Image: 12 Bar Ramblin

12 Bar Ramblin

with Stefan Matussek

Your monthly fix of the blues in all forms; from far and near.

Image: Acid Shampoo

Acid Shampoo

with Vincent Manfuoco

Acid Shampoo is the monthly psychedelic fix at Cashmere Radio, a concept as old as the radio station itself, and perhaps even older inside the head of its moderator, Vincent Manfuoco.

Image: Applied Arts Show

Applied Arts Show

with Vigera

Applied Arts draws from all corners of the musical world while keeping a spotlight on all deep and organic, music for and from the soul.

Image: Bread.Live!


with Ross Alexander

Bread.Live! Is a live and improvised collage of sounds and music.


with Ross Alexander+Guests

An Eclectic mix of live acts and guests invited by Ross Alexander

Image: Bush of Ghosts

Bush of Ghosts

with David Tinning

The Bush of Ghosts radio show gathers together outer-national vibrations from across the globe.



with Wenzel Dashington & Carlos Steurer

Image: Cashmere Specials

Cashmere Specials

An archive of all the one-off, obscure or downright odd specials broadcast by Cashmere Radio

Image: Cashmere Talks

Cashmere Talks

An archive of stimulating conversations hosted by Cashmere Radio

Image: Cashmere Texture Mix

Cashmere Texture Mix

The Cashmere Texture Mix is that little bit of extra texture that you need to drape your month in style

Image: Consolacao


with Sasha Cachaça

Everything that has to do with Brazil, from Salsa to Baile Funk is here, sometimes, when you least expect it.

Cranial Handles

with SPFDJ and sprintf

Cranial Candles is a show with a focus on techno hosted by SPFDJ and sprintf.

Image: CSC


with Crush

Inspired by TLC's seminal record "CrazySexyCool" (1994), CSC pushes the boundaries of (future) R&B, Hip Hop, and other smooth grooves. And if you don't know, now you know.

Dj Patbingsu’s Aquired Artefacts

with Dj Patbingsu

Showcasing music from around the world in 30min format. Each show has a broad geographical theme with a focus on the featured artists and regions themselves

Image: Duty Free

Duty Free

with Carl Luis

The echo-chambers awake voices from different times. The subsonic bass is loaded to blow you in to blankets.

Image: Enchanted Rhythms

Enchanted Rhythms

Enchanted Rhythms is a multifaceted project exploring dance music and beyond with a particular focus on the UK and rare, unknown and forgotten records.

Image: Fictions


with Gigsta

Expect breaky, subbassy, any-steppy kind of sounds from a true music fanatic working across many fields of musical performance and practice.

Image: Fresh Fruit

Fresh Fruit

with The Frosch Prince

Fresh Fruit is your new four weekly dose of punk, hardcore, post punk, neo-folk and basically anything else with 6 strings and a mic.

Image: Gardens


with Toyah Webb

A place to cultivate, a green space. A monthly enquiry into poetry and other forms of experimental literature.

Image: Hex Bitch

Hex Bitch

with Ves and Nine

Hex Bitch is an intersectional feminist radio show with an emphasis on contemporary media-culture and killer music

Image: Hi Point Low Life

Hi Point Low Life

with Sonny Blount and A Friend Of A Friend

Hi Point Low Life is a monthly jazz show - electronic expressions blended with soundscapes, afro beats, improvised music, repetitive grooves, field recordings and spoken word…anything goes.

Image: High Power FM

High Power FM

with Johanna Knutsson & Kate Miller

Destined for friendship, Johanna Knutsson and Kate Miller found each other and decided to meet up to chat and play music together.

Image: I Dream of Piranhas

I Dream of Piranhas

with Coco Maria

Coco Maria is a colourful lady from the north of Mexico shaking down the Berlin scene with her classy and funky record collection mainly from Colombia, Brazil and Peru.

Image: Klon Dump

Klon Dump

with Mark

Continuing the storied island-of-shame lineage of What Is An Outline (think nerd axis of concrète, early electronics, kraut but with less whimsy) and Pink Liver (100% German language '78-'82 electronic post-punk ft. lyrics like "it's all bullshit" [trans.]) but with shallower knowledge of "songs" and more empty, long tunes. Might work up steam to jungle, electro, breaks, grime etc

Image: Liquid Love

Liquid Love

with Gene Siewing

Laying down the musical gospel according to Uncle Gene, temperatures will rise as he brings only the hottest in funk, soul, disco and rock n’ roll – straight from the heart.

Image: Listen To The Whales

Listen To The Whales

with Matty Martinez

Your bi-monthly ambient music fix. Lit on the parfumed candles, take out the yoga cushion, space out and breathe.

Image: Low Power FM

Low Power FM

with Johanna Knutsson & Kate Miller

Alternating between Low and Hi Power FM manifestation; Low Power is a show showcasing their sensitivity to alternative, imaginary dance floors and electronic explorations.

Image: Meatspin


with Alex Murray

Every month, Alex Murray from Gardland presents a topical discourse on dance music and it’s non-parallels. Join Alex and a diverse selection of guests as they use records to excavate plot holes and histories buried amongst the dominant surface structures of club music.

Image: Memorias


with Nagababa

We perceive the world and especially music according to our expectations, which are shaped by memory: an organic data bank to which all our experiences are compared. In Memorias, Nagababa opens up the memory chest and shares his influences using his eclectic record bag. Ausländer soul, psych/prog rock, tropical rhythms, drone/ambient…”

Image: ODL Rituals

ODL Rituals

with Ondula

Ondula hosts 6 hours of radio with interviews, live concerts and djs from the international and Berliner subcultural scene.

Image: Pass The Aux

Pass The Aux

with Kikelomo

London gyal Kikelomo spins some tracks to buss a 2 2 step, throw some gunfinger skanks, cop sweet slow whines or stankface to your hearts content.

Image: Pattern Z

Pattern Z

with Ringo Libak

A quest for improvised, electronic & film music. A trip to the movies & back. A trinity of sounds, silence & words.

Image: Plastik Universe

Plastik Universe

with Herc E Rillen

In every show you can expect ambient flashes, Jungle Disko experience, kraut ‘n wave weirdness all telling you psychedelic stories about drone damaged boogie & juicy street breaks.

Image: Prongof108


with The Prongof108 Crew

Expect extraterrestrial-retro-future-funkyness and Sci-Fi-music from the blue planet for your intergalactic expeditions.

Image: Ranting and Raving

Ranting and Raving

with Elissa Suckdog & Sarah Connor

Each month, hosts Elissa Suckdog and Sarah Conner tell tales from the nightclub, dissect the latest news from the DJ-oriented underground and chit-chat with special guests including DJs, label owners and party animals.

Image: Retrograde


with Natureboy Gold & Marlon Hoffstadt

Every month Retrograde take over the decks at cashmere radio to bring friends and family and play music that is very close to our hearts. Everytime we are throwing an event at our beloved ://about blank, we will invite one of our guests to play an hour at our show, so come ride with us!



Each month Thalamus will select music, noise and conversation that explore their feelings towards socio-political subjects, investigating the obscured distinction between contemporary club culture and exhibition practices

Image: The Bridge Radio

The Bridge Radio

No human is illegal: your bi-weekly radio broadcast from the very frontline of refugee, immigration and human rights issues.

Image: The Ear Has To Travel

The Ear Has To Travel

with Kit Kat

A show on songwriting, clever lyrics, and storytelling in music. Send your ears on a journey with KitKat every eight weeks on Thursday nights.

Image: The Hidden Reverse

The Hidden Reverse

with Muk

Muk’s Hidden Reverse taks through slo-tek and hyper-ambient, pinches of acid, melodies new and old, but always silver and gold.

The Kick Clap Show

with Vigera

On The Kick Clap Show, DJ Vigera explores the funky, raw and soulful side of dance music, with a special focus on '90s underground house from both the US and Europe.

Image: The Stir

The Stir

with Matty Martinez

Talks & tunes, spirits & drinks, psych & folk. Come and have a sip.

Image: Varietee


with Jacques Pervert

Jacques Pervert invites you to listen to some stories while cooking or having a nice aperitivo.

Image: What Is An Outline?

What Is An Outline?

with Hydro Majestic

What Is An Outline? is a monthly radio missive, tracing a psychedelic line where borders between musical styles glide and collide with one another: noise, ambient, experimental electronics, concrete, outsider manipulations. Follow an abstract line through musical folds.

Image: White Leather Shoes

White Leather Shoes

with Vigera

The show spanning jazz, funk, early disco, fusion, gospel and afro-latin sounds with a special focus on the '70s