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Filmin Tadi

Image: Filmin Tadi
Watching films, we usually follow the plot and the characters’ journey in the story. When we take a look at the scenes where we have food or drinks, do they tell us about the food culture and the sociology of our culture? Every episode we pick a film and talk about its scenes including food and drinks. The conversation goes through near history, politics and taste right away. While doing all these, we create a playlist of all the songs heard in the film and play the songs. For the first season of the show, we pick the most famous Turkish films and keep the talk in Turkish.
I am Kerem Soyyilmaz. I love people who tell me stories and I am interested in film, music and traveling. I work on commercial films and documentary projects. My guest Sezai Ozan Zeybek is a geographist. He is analyzing certain subjects that are thought to be ‘side’ in the perspective of post colonial studies. He is looking at the stories of dogs, babies and old men who spends the day in a cafe.