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The Experience 4
Bi-monthly 20:00-22:00, with Rufus

Rufus, veteran italian DJ and producer from Florence, key member of the Italian label Bosconi and founder of the electronic projects Nightdrivers, Tru West and The Leftovers, became a club DJ randomly. Something happened after high school, he discovered raves, he got high and his interest in instrumental and organic music suddenly changed to that of the club.

This should give you a basic idea of the weirdo mentality behind Rufus’s show: it’s a controversial mix of free flowing music, which takes inspiration from different genres, always however, returning to house or techno. Born as a form of escape from the typical frustrations of a crowd-pleaser DJ and record collector who struggled to fully express himself and show some of his skills in a real venue, QuattroQuarti rends up mostly as a tight, unfiltered, intimate and improvised trip through Rufus’ latest picks of past and present releases, focused on analyzing new trends and future visions within underground dance music, enriched by other genre obscurities as intros or outs to each broadcast.

The show first aired in Florence, 5 years ago, on the well known Italian radio station Controradio/RadioPopolare. He then decided to take a break after relocating to Berlin, brought finally back on air in 2015 at Cashmere Radio.


    • 05 Jul, 2016Breakbeat / Deep House / Electronic / Experimental / House
    • 10 May, 2016Deep House / Electro / Electronic / Experimental / House
    • 22 Mar, 2016Ambient / Deep House / Dub / Electro / Electronic
    • 08 Sep, 2015Ambient / Deep House / House / IDM / Minimal
    • 30 Jun, 2015Ambient / Deep House / Experimental / House / Improv
    • 26 May, 2015Ambient / Deep House / Electronic / Experimental / House
    • 30 Aug, 2016Ambient / Deep House / Dub / Electro / Electronic