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Ranting and Raving

Cashmere Elissa
Monthly 18:00-20:00, with Elissa Suckdog & Sarah Connor

Ranting And Raving follows a format similar to that of a morning talk radio show, but tailored to the interests of the dance music literati. Each month, hosts Elissa Suckdog and Sarah Conner tell tales from the nightclub, dissect the latest news from the DJ-oriented underground and chit-chat with special guests including DJs, label owners and party animals. You can also expect satirical commercials and unreleased tunes.


    • 11 Jul, 2017Electronic / Experimental / Field Recording / Noise / Punk Rock
    • 17 Sep, 2016Bass Music / Experimental / House / Noise / Oddities
    • 23 Jul, 2016Electro / Experimental / Industrial / Minimal / Noise