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Clouds In My Coffee #11 w/ Matty Martinez & Friends

01 April 2024
  • Balearic
  • Uplifting

Last episode of the season, and probably managed my best cappuccino as of yet with the studio machine. Happy days, enjoy the Sommerzeit!

The throwback track was actually a shoutout to Dj Alex and no episode in particular (they're all banging) of his Voices In My Head.



The heights of Abraham - e.v.a.
John Stewart - slow dance
Little Annie - I think of you
Dettinger - Blond 2
Universal Tongues - Conscious Mind
Carlos Nino Nate Mercerau Idris Ackamoor - Heaven Cruise, Heaven Humming 1
Amor Fati - Death Becomes Her (Amor Fate Edit)
Marcelle Moncreiff - take me there
Reggae Disco Rockers . The whistle song - silent dream version
Roy Ayers - everybody loves the sunshine
Mike silver - Pia’s paintings
Agua Re - Holy Dance (Large sound mix)
Coil - Alternative Them From Gay Man’s Guide to Safer Sex
Ginger root - never can say goodbye
Janie walker - you’ll never need somebody
Stone Roses - Waterfall (12” version)
Dj Miss Parker - Feel U In My Heart (feat Silas)
Enzo Avitabile - Aizeté
Walt Wagner - Purple Rain
CHapterhouse - Mesmerize
Peter Lloyd & Fragga Ranks - Disrespect
Primal Scream - Moving on up