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A Garden Of Forking Paths

A Garden of Forking Paths – Finale will migrate this year’s MaerzMusik’s closing event “The Long Now” into the urban space around Nettelbeckplatz in Berlin/Wedding.
Six locations, including Nettelbeckplatz itself, are simultaneously open on 26 and 27 March 2022 – a constellation of interconnected places to be visited with each relating differently to sounds from the world we inhabit.
Cashmere Radio takes part in this event with a programme that brings together live performances, DJ sets, newly commissioned works, and a panel discussion centred around field recording practices, while also including live radio streams of six concerts from silent green’s Betonhalle.
At its studio, Cashmere Radio presents live performances from artists including Felicity Mangan, Diane Barbé, Haku Sungho and the Ever Present Orchestra, DJ sets from the likes of Jake Muir and Ondula, as well as commissioned pieces from Julia Reidy, Nyokabi Kariuki, Manja Ristić, Abby Lee Tee, Gabi Schaffner, and many others.