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Happy Hours

Happy Hours grrr
Bi-monthly 00.00 - 01.30, with Grrr

Welcome to the ›Happy Hours‹: that special time at the bar when the drinks are cheap and the night’s wide open. Also… Happy Hours as in ›Happy Records‹, the legendary Underground Resistance sublabel on which the Techno Militants released their shamelessly hedonistic material. Expect House, Disco, Techno, Italo, Electro and lots of cheap thrills. Some gems and some hits. Druggy Basslines and fierce Divas invoking the eternal healing power of L-O-V-E.

I think of ›Happy Hours‹ as a show that you could listen to at home, on a Saturday evening, with some of your favorite people and you’re not sure yet if you wanna go out – you are in your mid 30s after all, you can’t do that shit every weekend anymore – but you’re feeling a little cheeky, so you serve Prosecco instead of white wine and maybe you nod along to the first few tracks while you have lovely and meaningful conversations that remind you that you feel very much at home in this city and at some point everybody’s a little tipsy and somebody says: that track is kinda cool and somebody else says: you want a bump? And you feel like: What the hell. And it’s really fun and really sweet and actually you remember how much you love dancing and you turn the volume up and somebody asks if it’s okay to invite some more people and that really excites you because you actually love meeting new people that way and you don’t worry about your neighbors and you ask your friends if they think you’re too old to get a disco ball for the living room and then these new people show up and they’re beautiful and fun and also clearly on pills and somebody hands you one and you think: Life’s probably gonna get pretty gnarly when you’re old because you got no pension plan and Berlin is gonna be unaffordable in a few years and probably either on fire or under water, so… why not? And now people are dancing in your living room and at some point you’ll either go to a proper club and maybe kiss a stranger or you just keep this thing here in your living room going, because it’s really cute and lovely. So… ideally it’s that kind of show.


  • 25 May, 2024Techno / Tech House / UK Garage
  • 27 Mar, 2024House / Trance / Tech House
  • 05 Feb, 2024House / Trance / Rave
  • 09 Dec, 2023House / Balearic / Trance / Deep House
  • 30 Sep, 2023House / Disco / Synth Pop / Tech House