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Navi A Palermo

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, with Chameleons And The Mirror

Navi A Palermo (‘Ships to Palermo’) is a bimonthly show on Cashmere Radio, hosted by Sicilian multimedia artist Marcello Cangemi. Drawing inspiration from the legendary John Peel Sessions, artists are invited on to share a session of their own which often feature a mix of upcoming and newly released works. Navi A Palermo aims to embody the true spirit of production by imposing no limits on the format. Emulating the reciprocity of ships to Palermo, each session provides the listeners with something special while also taking something in return, creating a captivating cycle of harmonious give-and-take.


    • 28 May, 2018Ambient / Avant-Garde / Breakbeat / Drone / Drum n Bass
    • 26 Feb, 2018Improv / Interview / Jazz
    • 12 Nov, 2017Ambient / Avant-Garde / Classical / Drone / Electronic
    • 31 Jul, 2017Ambient / Balearic / Experimental / Folk/Regional / IDM
    • 03 Jun, 2017Ambient / Dub / Electronic / Experimental / Folk/Regional