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The Entertainment

Monthly, with Nina Guo

The Entertainment is a live variety comedy show with musical guests. It is hosted, written, and performed by soprano Nina Guo. Every episode, a musical guest is invited to perform music of their choosing. In between, we have visits from local experts such as musical analysts Mike&Mikey, technical whizz Bill Marsbars, resident spiritual advisor Cathy Lee, vocal aura intuit Melanigliagliagliagliagliaglia, and animal updates from Millie the Intern. All the newest information in news and culture is covered by Positivity!News!, Sartorial SCREECH, and Hot Dish: Hot Takes on Cool News. The Entertainment is made possible by a myriad of generous sponsors, including Pseudo-Ingulf Real Estate, Doug’s Million Dollar Auto Repair, and the Prince Peacock Hotel. I (Nina) voice all the characters.

This show draws much inspiration from old American radio shows, sketch comedy formats, and absurdist cartoons. My deepest gratitude to all the musical guests, past and future, who endlessly inspire all of us at The Entertainment.

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    • 16 Dec, 2023Avant-Garde / Comedy / Oddities
    • 14 Oct, 2023Comedy / Experimental / Oddities
    • 25 Mar, 2023Avant-Garde / Radio Play / Experimental
    • 10 Feb, 2023Comedy / Experimental / Improv / Oddities / Radio Play
    • 21 Jul, 2021Avant-Garde / Comedy / Experimental / Oddities / Opera
    • 16 Apr, 2021Comedy / Classical / Modern Classical / Radio Play / Reading
    • 19 Mar, 2021Comedy / Experimental / Electronic / Improv / Minimal
    • 19 Feb, 2021Comedy / Improv / Radiophonic