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Klon Dump

Monthly, 22:30-00:00 Tuesday

Image: Klon Dump

Continuing the storied island-of-shame lineage of What Is An Outline (think nerd axis of concrète, early electronics, kraut but with less whimsy) and Pink Liver (100% German language ’78-’82 electronic post-punk ft. lyrics like “it’s all bullshit” [trans.]) but with shallower knowledge of “songs” and more empty, long tunes. Might/inevitably does work up steam to jungle, electro, breaks, grime etc.

Probs skews to “sad” but it’s really a source of strength innit?

Episode list

Image: Klon Dump Nono Tips

Klon Dump Nono Tips

19 January 2021 / AmbientAvant-GardeClassicalModern ClassicalOperaRecital

Image: Klon Dump #2 Licht

Klon Dump #2 Licht

22 December 2020 / AmbientAvant-GardeDroneElectronicExperimentalIndustrialModern ClassicalOperaSoundscape

Image: Klon Dump Klon Dump #876

Klon Dump Klon Dump #876

4 August 2020 / AmbientArt-RockDowntempoElectronicExperimentalField RecordingIndieImprovPost-punkSoundscape

Image: Klon Dump #18 w/ Mark

Klon Dump #18 w/ Mark

13 July 2019 / AmbientAvant-GardeBreakbeatClassicalCollageDowntempoDrum n BassElectronicExperimentalField RecordingHörspiel

Image: Klon Dump #17 w/ Klon D

Klon Dump #17 w/ Klon D

15 June 2019 / AmbientAvant-GardeBreakbeatDrum n BassElectroElectronicExperimentalImprovNon-Music

Image: Klon Dump Klon Dump #17

Klon Dump Klon Dump #17

19 January 2019 / AmbientBreakbeatDowntempoDrum n BassElectroElectronicExperimentalIDMJungle

Image: Klon Dump Klon Dump #16

Klon Dump Klon Dump #16

1 December 2018 / AmbientAvant-GardeBreakbeatDowntempoDrum n BassElectroElectronicExperimentalIDMImprovJungleModern Classical

Image: Klon Dump #15

Klon Dump #15

30 October 2018 / AmbientBass MusicBreakbeatDrum n BassDroneElectronicExperimentalField RecordingIDMMinimalNon-MusicSoundscape

Image: Klon Dump #2 with Mark

Klon Dump #2 with Mark

14 March 2017 / AmbientBreakbeatClassicalDroneDubEBMElectroElectronicExperimentalField RecordingFolk/RegionalImprovIndustrialKrautrockMinimalNoiseNon-MusicOdditiesPost-punkSoundscapeWave

Image: Klon Dump #1 with Mark

Klon Dump #1 with Mark

7 February 2017 / BreakbeatDroneDrum n BassEBMElectroElectronicExperimentalField RecordingGrimeImprovIndustrialJungleKrautrockNoiseNon-MusicPost-punkSoundscape