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Klon Dump

Monthly, 18:00-20:00Tuesday

Image: Klon Dump

Continuing the storied island-of-shame lineage of What Is An Outline (think nerd axis of concrète, early electronics, kraut but with less whimsy) and Pink Liver (100% German language ’78-’82 electronic post-punk ft. lyrics like “it’s all bullshit” [trans.]) but with shallower knowledge of “songs” and more empty, long tunes. Might work up steam to jungle, electro, breaks, grime etc.

Hosted by Mark.

Probs skews to “sad” but it’s really a source of strength innit?



Episode list

Image: Klon Dump #17 w/ Klon D

Klon Dump #17 w/ Klon D

15 June 2019/AmbientAvant-GardeBreakbeatDrum n BassElectroElectronicExperimentalImprovNon-Music

Image: Klon Dump Klon Dump #16

Klon Dump Klon Dump #16

1 December 2018/AmbientAvant-GardeBreakbeatDowntempoDrum n BassElectroElectronicExperimentalIDMImprovJungleModern Classical

Image: Klon Dump #15

Klon Dump #15

30 October 2018/AmbientBass MusicBreakbeatDrum n BassDroneElectronicExperimentalField RecordingIDMMinimalNon-MusicSoundscape

Image: Klon Dump #2 with Mark

Klon Dump #2 with Mark

14 March 2017/AmbientBreakbeatClassicalDroneDubEBMElectroElectronicExperimentalField RecordingFolk/RegionalImprovIndustrialKrautrockMinimalNoiseNon-MusicOdditiesPost-punkSoundscapeWave

Image: Klon Dump #1 with Mark

Klon Dump #1 with Mark

7 February 2017/BreakbeatDroneDrum n BassEBMElectroElectronicExperimentalField RecordingGrimeImprovIndustrialJungleKrautrockNoiseNon-MusicPost-punkSoundscape