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Passage – Radio Garden


“Radio Garden” links nature and culture in the listening space of Cashmere Radio’s garden in Lichtenberg.

Piece by piece, the earth in the courtyard of the radio studio was cleared of stones and concrete, last year the first vegetables were harvested and an artificial lawn was created on which the first radio broadcasts took place in the open air. The program includes broadcasts on urban gardening, commissioned works for an outdoor sound installation and thematic radio art collages.

Participating artists / gardeners: Sara Lehn, Juliane Löffler, Felicity Mangan, Martyna Poznanska, Gabi Schaffner (Datscha Radio)

Hosted/curated by Lukas Grundmann


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    • 28 May, 2021Hörspiel / Radiophonic / Soundscape
    • 14 Aug, 2020Commissioned Works / Field Recording / Interview / Soundscape
    • 17 Jun, 2020Soundscape / Commissioned Works / Interview / Field Recording
    • 30 Oct, 2020Collage / Commissioned Works / Radiophonic