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  • Cashmere Radio


The Cashmere Radio programme consists of over one hundred regular shows spanning a variety of musical genres alongside specialty talk programs, live-to-air studio sessions and radio plays. The radio streams 24/7 online and broadcasts every Friday on 88.4FM in Berlin and 90.7 in Potsdam, alongside our live broadcasts. Our show archive also contains all the episodes of regular shows that have come and gone over our seven years of broadcasting. 

In addition to our regular broadcasting schedule, Cashmere engages in a wide variety of initiatives, projects and exhibitions in Germany and abroad:

Easterndaze On Air

Cashmere Radio collaborated with the Easterndaze Platform to realise the 2021 and 2022 iterations of Easterndaze On Air – a radio day bringing together and connecting community radios from Central or Eastern Europe: Radio Kapital from Warsaw, Lahmacun Radio from Budapest, 20ft Radio and Gasoline Radio from Kyiv, Mutant Radio from Tblissi, Radio Plato from Minsk along with the Independent Community Radio Network (ICRN). The project encompassed collaborative programming, including joint shows and radiophonic contributions created by each radio especially for this live broadcast on FM and online.panel talk about the issue of community radios, hosted by musicologist and community radio expert Ieva Gudaiyte.

Radio as Social Sculpture

Made possible thanks to structural funding from the Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa, Radio as Social Sculpture is a two year program taking place in our new radio headquarters. Further developing Cashmere’s interest in engaging with the radio’s public, virtual and performative possibilities, Radio as Social Sculpture gives four artists — Franziska Aigner, Monilola Olayemi Ilupeju, Luzie Meyer and Susan Ploetz — control of our studio to develop a series of unique programs and formats that will take place in situ and over the airwaves.


Chronopolis explores the fleeting, fragile time unique to the radio listening experience, presenting generative and algorithmic music and sound. Artists develop a work that is broadcast live and in real time, running continuously until the next show. The pieces can only be experienced at that unique moment in which the act of listening and live generation of sound crystallize. After the transmission the piece disappears into the void of elapsed time and memory. Only fragments may be left in our archives.


The Cashmere Residency Program is a means for the station to work with musicians, artists, producers and thinkers in developing unique radiophonic works and radio programs. Throughout the course of the residencies, groups or individuals develop work(s) that exhibit radiophonic merit, with an accompanying live presentation, performance or demonstration that reflects the period of research and development. The residency attempts to further radiophonic practice by putting the medium of radio—its history, its premises and its contemporary operations— into question, constructing and transmitting with the hope that new concepts of radio can be constructed and transmitted. Previous residents have included Catriona Shaw, Caterina Barbieri & Kali Malone as well as Max Eilbacher, MSHR, Eric Maltz, James Ferraro and HMOT.

Latitude on Air

In collaboration with the Goethe Institut, reboot.fm and the Radio Netzwerk Berlin, Cashmere Radio is producing an ongoing series of podcasts that attempts to rethink power relations to promote a decolonised and non-racial world.

Previous Projects, Exhibitions and Initiatives

Cashmere has produced and exhibited radio at a number of museums and art spaces including Radio-Aktivität at Lenbachhaus, Munich, K Hybrid: This House is Not a Home at Lothringer 13, Munich, as well as Braunschweig Kunstverein for the GROUPS group exhibition.

Produced over the course of 2020-1 Passage was a two-year long program kindly supported by the Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa exploring the malleability of the radio format and its capacity to transform itself into a series of different spatial and discursive settings. Orbiting around six different “Rooms” – Garden, Forum, Exhibition Space, DIY Workshop, Concert Stage and Club – Passage is a transversal journey through the diverse media into which a radio can transform.

With support from Initiative Neue Musik, Cashmere organised the concert series Signalling Distance in 2019 — a series of radiophonic performances that aimed to explore the connections, disruptions and contingencies between being on stage and on air. Four cassettes were made documenting the performances from Tomoko Sauvage, Yann Gourdon, Birgit Ulher and Lucio Capece.

In collaboration with the Visual Culture Research Centre, Cashmere arranged an exchange program between Berlin and Kiev-based musicians in collaboration) called Nachtkultur that took place in Kiev in 2019 and Berlin in 2020.