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Off Space/On Air


Off Space / On Air is a format that aims to become a place and a frequency to informally share influences, processes and perspectives around MaerzMusik festival. The shows will open a space for conversations and experimentation.
Cashmere’s new studio in Berlin-Wedding not only hosts the Radio, but also a copy workshop for mimeography and thermofax, operated by dj shlucht. In an open workshop preceding the shows, artists and composers are invited to collaboratively produce graphical or text based scores which will be performed during the “Off Space / On Air” broadcasts by the invited musicians Audrey Chen, HASHIA, Cláudio Pereira, HMOT, Max Eilbacher and Wilted Woman, complementing the conversations with festival participants, among them Abhijan Toto, Dennis Dizon, George Lewis, Robert Machiri, Yara Mekawei, and more.

Curated by

Giacomo Gianetta and Lukas Grundmann (Cashmere Radio)

Berno Odo Polzer and Kamila Metwaly (MaerzMusik)


    • 25 Mar, 2022Arts & Culture / Avant-Garde / Comedy / Interview
    • 23 Mar, 2022Art-Rock / Arts & Culture / Avant-Garde / Electronic / Experimental
    • 22 Mar, 2022Avant-Garde / Arts & Culture / Balearic / Experimental / Electronic
    • 21 Mar, 2022Arts & Culture / Avant-Garde / Deep House / Poetry
    • 20 Mar, 2022Avant-Garde / Arts & Culture / Interview / Spoken Word
    • 24 Mar, 2022Arts & Culture / Avant-Garde / Keynote / Interview