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please mind the gap…

Monthly 18:00-19.30, with Mari Moriko

between subjective and objective bodies, between the every-day and your desires, between dimensions, between now and a million years from now, between irl and imagined worlds, between your tweets and your diary entries, between your carefully packed boxes stowed away and gathering dust…

the gap is as fertile as it is futile. the gap is transformation. the gap is the voice.

…between the train and the platform

through the looking glass of a techno-orientalist asian futurism (dawn chan and her concept of “othering” through time), and looking at what a cyber-feminist future of the nineties west (cyber-feminist manifesto of the 21st century) might look like in the present, we embark on a journey that brings seemingly compatible yet deeply divided passengers into conversation…

translation is the tool for global synchronicity – but is it possible to keep up when dealing with such culturally-specific and self-referencing content…


(smut – erotic literature for women by women)

the japanese female voice is subjected to a strict conformist social expectation of a friendly, agreeable, submissive, obedient, often high-pitched, cute, lolita-like timbre reflected in the synthesized japanese voice. the series reclaims autonomy to her voice as she reads out smutty literature in an almost unintelligible accent.