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Property Damage


Image: Property Damage

Shouts, riffs and fuzz from a furious music collection: From Hardcore/Punk to Noise Rock, Broken Garage recordings, Post-Hardcore and everything loud in between, this monthly show features selected records with a destructive vibe. Expect angry and anxious releases of frustration, given a voice through sweaty outbursts, shattered tunes for emotional (dis)comfort and a minor dose of sing-alongs.





Stefan Lingg is a pedestrian with a thing for vivid sounds. His first ever vinyl LP was 1999’s Riot Riot Upstart by Agnostic Front as a gift from his brother, leading to nearly 20 years of collecting recordings of civil unrest. Another (fairly different) obsession of his is the free form of improvised music, which he’s acting out on PATTERN DISSECTION, together with Christoph Berg.