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Monthly 23.00-00.00, with Reece Cox

Sound in the field of contemporary art is ever more pervasive and perpetually unsituated. Appearing in exhibition halls and biennales and loved by curators, sound as a medium enjoys as much critical attention as, say, performance or sculpture and often appears alongside or within these mediums. Yet, because of its (im)material nature and likeness to music, sound struggles to participate in an art market in the way painting or sculptures do. Not to mention, ‘sound art’ brings to mind something that happened in the 1960s and generally, the term fails to account for the wide range of work happening today between the familiar territories of Art and Music.


In this monthly series Reece Cox invites artists, curators, writers, (and sometimes musicians) working with sound to share their work and discuss their practice in an ongoing attempt to understand and familiarize ourselves with what it is, and what it can do within the field of contemporary art