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Listen To The Whales

listen to the whales
Bi-monthly 22:30-00:00, with Matty Martinez

Ambient, Balearica, Psychedelia. A genre-crossing journey with potent healing powers for the spirit, opening up a calm, peaceful perspective on sun-soaked soundscapes.

Music for yoga, breathing exercises and other meditations.

Music for trips.

Music to be listened to at low volume while engaging in other activities.

Music to be paired with ancient carpets and strong but refreshing drinks.

Music to sing sustained tones to.

Music to recover from intense moments and properly internalize them.

Music for sensuous lovers (cit. Mort Garson)

Music for friends of the environment.

Music to cloak reality (or your screen activity) with sepia tones

And talking about sepia tones, here’s a highly recommended piece of software for your web radio receiver.

Last but not least: Music to dress well.


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