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Embraceable Silence / Disappearing Mirror

Embraceable Silence Disappearing Mirror w: Eric Maltz
, with Eric Maltz

Embraceable Silence / Disappearing Mirror w/ Eric Maltz

Midnight music for the in-between hour

sound comes from and returns to silence.

tones can begin gently, a smooth fade upwards in the time it takes the sun to crest above the horizon, the earths shadow creeps across the moon – or sudden – the memory of a favorite shirt long lost, a stranger wearing a past lovers perfume, the distance between dreams.

breaking the silence can startle, be welcomed, be rude, can disturb, relax, over joy, underwhelm.

underneath always, lightless ocean, immovable dune, the eyes of a thousand mountains whispering laughter – threading the eons together.

silence exists in all music, the unheard foundation. some musics work as hard as possible to blot it out, erase it. others embrace it,

use it,

flirt and sneak climb

scaffold and dance on the precipice of the vast empty echo.

so here, in the silent night hours, the in-between time, grave-yard time, in our raft we drift noiselessly, sounding for the space between tides, reflecting the gravity spin of lumbering planets, photographing star shadows, disappearing mirrors.