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Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence (O.J.A.I.)

Monthly, 19.00 - 20.00

Image: Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence (O.J.A.I.)

O.J.A.I. is a multi-nodal artistic practise in the form of a self-styled intelligence organisation operating between Brussels and Berlin. The work is fuelled by performative research in the fields of corporate architecture, urban planning, financial systems and ritualistic magic. O.J.A.I. is an obsessive investigation into the esoteric power of institutionhood and takes on various forms: performances, installations, publications and radio shows.

O.J.A.I. website

Episode list

Image: Money Special

Money Special

23 November 2020 / DubPost-punkExperimentalSoundtrack

Image: Architecture


6 July 2020 / ExperimentalFusionNon-MusicSoundtrack

Image: Escapism


11 June 2020 / DiscoElectroExperimentalSynth Pop

Image: Resilience


8 May 2020 / IndustrialNoiseNoise RockElectronicPoetryArts & Culture

Image: Lockdown


3 April 2020 / DiscoSoundtrackNoiseSynth PopNoise Rock