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Pattern Dissection

Monthly, 18.00Saturday

Image: Pattern Dissection

Feature analysis:

  1. Detection
  2. Pattern dissection
  3. Feature comparison in memory
  4. Recognition

This monthly show is dedicated to records that deliver sounds usually meant to be experienced live. With a strong focus on free-form music and anything remotely classifiable as Jazz, the programme itself is broadcast live and improvised in both the changing selection of LPs and compact discs as well as each other’s contribution and correlation. The aim is to play tricks on comparison, memory and (re)cognition by reshaping stimuli’s distinctive features. — It’s basically ninety minutes of messing things up.

Christoph Berg is a composer and musician. You can find out more about his work here: He is also releasing music as Field Rotation. He is not Chris de Burgh.

Stefan Lingg is an earthling trying to make sense of things. He sometimes does so by writing, sometimes by taking pictures, mostly though by continuous searching. He also co-founded Tomorrow’s Relics.






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